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 WET: New Screenshots That Push Lighting To The Limits

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PostSubject: WET: New Screenshots That Push Lighting To The Limits   Wed 07 Jan 2009, 9:24 am

Quote :
Middleware company, Illuminate Labs, has recently released new screenshots courtesy of A2M Games, the development team working on the upcoming third-person action game, WET. You can check out the new screenshots that highlight Illuminate Labs middleware lighting technology.

David Lightbown, Senior Artistic Technical Director at A2M Montreal commented in the press release that, "A2M has used Turtle in the past, and we were consistently impressed with the speed as well as the results. When we needed a solution to generate lightmaps in our proprietary level editor, we turned to Beast and haven't looked back. Beast allows us to produce high quality lighting at an incredible rate, which is instrumental in creating the unique visual style that sets WET apart from any other product on the market."



Looks like a better, more violent version of Stranglehold shrug shoulders
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WET: New Screenshots That Push Lighting To The Limits
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